BIO Kathryn E. Grant

Kathryn E. Grant, President of Grant Assurance Associates, “Helping to Assure your Retirement”, is an insurance professional whose desire to help others grew out of her own discovery of safer money products and solutions. She believes in financial peace-of-mind. Kathryn has always enjoyed working with individuals, from young adults to retirees, to help them achieve their goals. Prior to her career in the insurance industry, she worked in education for many years. Today, as a financial educator, she is committed to providing exemplary client service.

Kathryn has developed a unique educational seminar that has been given throughout Northern Virginia. She enjoys presenting financial ideas in practical, easy-to-understand language and in giving examples, all with the theme of emphasizing “safety” first and protection of principal in these volatile and unpredictable financial times.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York where she graduated, cum laude, Kathryn began her career by helping women like herself to achieve financial security and to protect and preserve what they have worked so hard for during their lives.


Kathryn and her son Gregor at a seminar.

Her educational workshops reflect her goals of maximum income and minimum risk, goals that are particularly important to people facing retirement. Today, she is pleased to be helping both women and men accomplish these common retirement goals.

Kathryn is associated with solid, respected financial institutions in the United States. She and her company have completed the necessary licensing requirements to sell Preferred Annuity products that she believes are the most competitive and innovative in the industry.

As an approved Member of the National Ethics Association, she has the personal, professional and regulatory credentials needed to serve her clients well, and to assist them in finding ways to not outlive their money.




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